Risk Assessment for Firework Displays

Risk Assessment for Firework Displays Image

Objectives of the workshop:
The workshop will draw on the experience of many years developing Risk Assessments for a variety of events in order to provide practitioners of firework displays with the information required to produce suitable Risk Assessments for firework displays. The need for relevant and detailed Risk Assessments has never been greater, and a thorough understanding of the principles and practicalities of what can (and what cannot) be achieved is essential to all those who are staging firework displays of whatever scale.

Outline of workshop:
The workshop will consist of several short lecture sessions and group exercises to address the following:-

Why do Risk Assessments?
What you can gain from doing a proper Risk Assessment
The limitations of Risk Assessments
What risks should be examined?
The relationship between Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Operating procedures
General and Specific Risk Assessments
Examples of good and bad approaches
Use of tools to assist in the Risk Assessment process
Debris models (including introduction to Shellcalc© – but see also separate workshop)
Wind models
Workshop examples (individual and within groups – depending on numbers of attendees)
All attendees will be given the following on a USB stick:-

Copy of the presentations (electronic form) –
hard copies available for an additional fee
Blank Risk Assessment form
Exam and Certificate of Attendance:
There will be a very short written exam at the end of the session – all participants will be awarded a “Certificate of Attendance”

NOTE This course will only run if there are a minimum of 12 attendees

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