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This new book, with over 180 illustrations and over 50 tables of data, is designed for firework display firers, designers and event organisers of outdoor events using firework to enable them to get the most from the fireworks they use and to learn about planning of the events that they do now and in the future. It will also be useful, we hope, to the designers of such events and also event producers – if nothing more than to assist them in taking a common language to the firers! The core readership of the book will be that wide variety of people who use fireworks in more than just a domestic way. This covers the enthusiastic amateur firer who wants to get the most from the fireworks they are legally able to purchase all the way up to the seasoned professional who would all benefit from having more information about the ways other people plan and use fireworks to the greatest effect.

The book begins with a chapter on the history of firework displays and then describes in detail the types of firework, firework effects, and types of displays. In these sections there is much general information to set the scene for the following chapters which form the “meat” of the book and includes many newly drawn diagrams of firework types and descriptions of the effects that are produced both from an aesthetic and from a safety point of view. The next part of the book includes sections on display safety, risk assessment, fallout issues and the planning and rigging of the display site itself. These include an extended chapter on the research on mortar rack safety. The next sections focus on getting the most from the display – display design and choosing the appropriate fireworks including basic colour theory and the authors’ design philosophies. There are also sections on electric firing, and the synchronisation of fireworks and music. Inevitably and properly there are sections on legal issues, International standards and the environmental effects of fireworks as well as a chapter on what happens when things do not go to plan. The book concludes with chapters highlighting case studies of displays, small and large, that the author has been involved with over the last 20 years and the likely developments in fireworks and displays in the near future.

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